Raspberry Pi: Installing Kali Linux on Pi (Part IV)

Hello again today we gonna installing Kali Linux to our Raspberry Pi
Find the image Download here


On Windows:

  • Download the Kali Linux Raspberry Pi image for your hardware Model .
  • Download Win32diskimager here
  • Unzip the File now and find (.exe) executive file inside.
  • If .xy file use 7-zip to unzip Download 7-zip here.
  • Insert your SD card into your Windows PC using a card reader.
  • Open (double clicking)right click on it and choose “Run as Administrator” instead on win32DiskImager.exe file
  • In the image file section of the application, click the little folder icon and choose the Raspbian .img file you just downloaded.
  • Click the Write button and wait for Win32DiskImager to do its thing. When it finishes, you can safely eject your SD card and insert it into your Raspberry Pi.

If you’re using an HDMI monitor and keyboard or else a PITFT screen then use them to go on kali linux and see a login prompt after the Pi finishes booting.
Username : root
password : toor
Okay now done with the Installation


use command to set a password
and now get ready with new password
So this is pretty much for now ..stay tuned and read also some related post for more

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