How to manage vps for newbie and beginner

Hallo guys this is my blog i want to post some tutorial
How to manage vps for newbie and beginner
my name is Rory and this is the tutorial how to manage vps for beginner
lets start from you was order vps from the hosting or server companies
so the first you get the
1.ip adress for the vps adress
2.username (you get or you register) usualy
root 3.password (you will get password from the email you receive)
open the vps by using putty
download putty here 
if you dont know how to use putty stay wait for update on my post
you have a vps you have to manage your vps with a webserver
we have a lot of web panel but you must choose for vps for now we have 5 for detail you can look here
and for easy example we choose webuzo because its simple and its user friendly
here the tutorial
sorry but this indonesian language i will make a copy but english version later
all the tutorial is for beginner and newbie basic developer
if you feel difficult dont forget to ask me sometime and just leave comment
and how about install webserver?
like apache and nginx
inside the webuzo you can find apache or nginx and install it because easy for newbie and beginner its user friendly
later i will update this post thank you

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